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Audio & Video Files

Audio & Video Files
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DME & DFIR Specific

Self explanatory, really.  If it's specifically related to DME and/or DFIR, it belongs in this category. 

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Editing Examples

Audio & Video Editing and Production examples.  Share your work, passion and/or creativity.

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Vsauce - What Is Video??
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Vsauce video on the topic of "What Is Video??"  Discussion includes topics such as frame rates, visual cortex interpretation, beta movement, and more.

Larry's Brainstorms: Facial Recognition in the news
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Facial Recognition technology is NOT biased! How the technology is implemented and leveraged can certainly be biased though.

June, 2020 - Today Adobe publicly released the Photoshop camera app for iOS and Android. Thought I'd take a quick look during lunch and share that with you. "Meet the camera of your dreams.", says Adobe. I don't know about all that, but it is pretty slick.

Adobe Premiere Rush on a Galaxy S10
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(Originally published June 9, 2020) Editing on a mobile device never interested me really, until Adobe jumped on that train. Adobe Premiere Rush was released in May 2019. In this video I'm recording my Galaxy S10 screen along with system audio & mic, while editing HD video. Even with multiple tracks, I'm finding it pretty impressive performance-wise. Share projects & media effortlessly by Syncing with Creative Cloud, so you can jump in the project on your PC or mobile device...from anywhere. (PS - One of my first screen recordings from the S10, so cut me some slack on the crappy audio.)

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