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    Forensic Video


    Forensic Video Analysis involves the scientific examination, comparison, and/or evaluation of video in legal matters. Video images are one of the most prolific sources of evidence in criminal prosecutions and civil trials today. As a certified Forensic Video & DME expert, I can show you why you need to Go Beyond the PLAY Button™ >



    A thorough and detailed forensic analysis of your Digital & Multimedia Evidence is critical to understanding its true meaning; effectively explaining it to the court takes a different skill set altogether. I have testified in Local, State and Federal courts in U.S., and I take great pride in making complex DME topics easy to understand.
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    Interactive courtroom presentations and charts are a powerful way to demonstrate your evidence to the court. Audio recordings, maps, call records, text messages, photos, videos and other content can be syncronized and reviewed simultaneously, full-screen. Let me help you provide the "Bigger Picture". Contact me today >

    IT & Network


    I have been designing and implementing secure technology solutions for the U.S. Military, Government, and Law Enforcement for over 20 years. I specialize in improving efficiencies through the use of proven, state-of-the-art technologies, while simultaneously improving cost-effectiveness.
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    Forensic video and digital evidence training from a certified and well respected instructor. In addition to teaching for the Law Enforcement & Emergency Services Video Association (LEVA), I now provide hosted & on-site training related DME recovery and processing through my employer, Ocean Systems.  Learn more >

    Online Training


    My new DME online training portal was designed to supplement traditional training, not replace it. Reinforce basic concepts and skills through a blended learning environment. Students can supplement traditional classroom training at their own pace. Learn more >

Upcoming Training

DVR Assessment & Video Recovery
May 13 - 15 in Burtonsville, MD

This 3 day training class will provide students with an overview of the multiple challenges and issues that may arise or should be considered when acquiring digital video evidence.

This course is being provided and hosted by Ocean Systems.

>> Click here for details! <<

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Resolution of the Human Eye


An informative overview from Vsauce regarding resolution and the human eye. Click the image above to view video.

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