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DME & DFIR Specific

DME & DFIR Specific

Self explanatory, really.  If it's specifically related to DME and/or DFIR, it belongs in this category. 

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Intro to Digital Video Evidence (2006/2007)
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A brief introduction to the many unique challenges and issues digital video security systems present for law enforcement professionals.

Random thoughts as I read some email from a recent Forensic Video Analysis (FVA) email list thread.

16-bit processing needs to be maintained all the way through the image clarification pipeline.  

I also discuss Interpolation, which at times is of course necessary, but it is something we want to minimize in a forensic workflow.

Interview I did with Fox News Live on April 18, 2013 regarding the Boston Bombing investigation.

Bloomberg West TV - Boston Bombing Coverage (4-18-2013)
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Interview I did with Bloomberg West TV on April 18, 2013 regarding the Boston Bombing investigation.

A brief example where I've overlayed the aspect ratio corrected image on the original. Note how significantly different items can look when not corrected.

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