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You're already used to touch-enabled PCs, tablets, and smartphones, but eventually almost everything in your house could have a touch sensor, including doorknobs, cereal bowls, sofas, water, and even your own body. That's a reality scientists at Disney Research in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania --part of the Walt Disney Company's commercial research arm --are working toward with a new touch and gesture recognition platform called Touché.

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If you have a Dropbox account, you have Dropbox Replay.  I've been so impressed with the implementation, and I keep thinking of more ways to use it.  Obviously, you can invite others to comment on and review videos in your Dropbox account (Frame-level review with comments & annotations), but you can do so much more. 

One of the coolest features is the live review capabilities, IMHO.  In any case, rather than regurgitating all of their marketing stuff about it, here's a short video from Dropbox. 😎

Sunday evening I resigned my LEVA CFVA certification, and at the end of the month my DFCP will expire as well. Earlier this year I retired from active casework. No other reasons.

Most of my note to the current LEVA Board, staff & instructors was to thank them all for teaching & supporting me so much along the way, and inviting them all to be on & participate in my promote their efforts and training (at least to my mom, our most dedicated listener). 😎

Just a heads up that I will be doing some planned maintenance on DME Resources this weekend, so the site may be momentarily unavailable at times throughout the weekend. I will be adding some new functionality to provide users with more control of their content, along with a consolidated area where they can manage content and preferences.

As always, if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns please don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for your continued participation. Have a great week!

You can’t say that the SD Association isn’t keeping up with the times. A good seven months after the association revealed the UHS-I specifications, it’s back again with the UHS-II bus-interface system that promises high-definition recording speeds of up to 312MB/s, allowing professionals to consider an SDHC or SDXC-based camera instead of having to rely on CompactFlash or SSD drives.

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We've all been there. Sitting in a dimly lite room watching someone read the text off from their PowerPoint presentation. Responding to email under the table as we listen to the monotone disseration, looking up only during the brief breaks which occur between slides. Glancing around the room just in time to see one of your colleagues bounce their chin off from their chest. How many foreheads need to hit the conference table before we put an end to this senseless mid-day slaughter? I can tell you this, SlideRocket clearly doesn't want to find out.

SlideRocket is a rich internet application (RIA) being developed by a privately owned, venture funded, San Fransisco based company. The application is developed using Adobe Flex and Amazon's Simple Storage Services (S3), and it's sleek, user-friendly interface is entirely Flash based. It's not browser or platform dependent, so regardless of where you or your team may be or whether you're running the local player from a PC, Mac or Linux box, you're all good. While the presentation authoring tools are impressive, there are a plethora of other features and capabilities you won't find in related desktop apps that I personally find even more exciting.

I'm just back from a week of vacation, all of which was literally spent moving into our new home...a block and half away. Ugh, what a process. With that behind us now, I'm excited to get back to work on the DME Resources online training library!

I will be completing the Navigating & Using DME Resources training course over the 4th of July weekend, and we're still on schedule to launch the first DME related courses prior to the end of summer.

If you or your agency have a DME related topic or tool that you'd like additional training on, shoot me a note and I'll see if I may be able to help (or at least put you in touch with someone who can). Thanks for your continued participation and interest. Have a great 4th of July weekend everyone, be safe!

Brooks Photographic Imaging, LLC has two current openings for Visual Imaging Specialists.

We are looking for two dynamic and creative individuals to work for Forensic Training company. We need talented professionals with experience using Adobe Premiere, PhotoShop, Illustrator, Acrobat, and Dreamweaver at a minimum. Candidates must also possess strong video editing, producing, camera, lighting and sound operations skills to help create training videos and for live broadcasts.

For more information on these opportunities or to apply click here.

Another Jem from the Photoshop Jedi Master Deke McClelland. Think a discussion on Photoshop's Image Size tool is too basic for you? Fear for you I do, for that is the mindset of someone leaning toward the dark side.

"The essential Image Size command lets you scale an image on screen or in print. In this week's Photoshop Top 40 Countdown episode, Deke explains resampling and resolution, both of which affect the core quality of digital photographs."

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