Free broadband Internet connectivity is a definately a good thing, but at the cost of others….not so much. Even though the issue of “stealing” bandwidth from unsecure Wi-Fi networks is still a grey area legally in most places, here are a few helpful tips on how help make sure your home wireless network isn’t being used by the neighbors:

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January was quite a month for technology enthusiasts, with MacWorld and CES showcasing tons of cool new gear and promising much more in the coming months. Video is taking center stage in 2007, as manufacturers and service providers dump research and development money into video like never before. While some of the major players are still sticking to their proprietary guns, its refreshing to see that at least a few are doing the exact opposite.

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Secure your hotspot or face a fine is the gist behind Westchester, NY’s countywide law requiring all commercial businesses to secure their WLAN access points. Various news articles indicate that the state of New York is considering similar legislation (See ZDNet article dated 1/9/2007). Westchester’s concern is “On these networks, there’s unfettered access to confidential data, and we have a problem with that.” Personally, I have a problem with county taxpayers funding the task of enforcing such nonsense.

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Wow. Very, very cool device. Apple’s innovation continues to blow away their competition by leaps and bounds, and you can bet that the iPhone will be one of, if not the, hottest tech gadget(s) of 2007. A must have though? Well, no, not from a business productivity standpoint. But with the introduction of Mac OS X in the mobile device marketplace I’m quite certain Windows, Palm, and RIM are not feeling all warm and fuzzy.

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