Apple appears to have hit a home run with the new iPod touch, at least in theory. Basically they’ve taken all the cool from the iPhone, and removed the requirement for related a monthly cell phone bill. How cool is that? Well I’ll tell ‘ya, it’s way cool…if you didn’t already buy the iPhone and get locked into a cellular contract.

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Many who’ve already purchased the iPhone are a bit peeved, as not only are they locked into a cell contract with a carrier they may not have otherwise done business with, but they did so at $200 more than the iPhone’s new price! At least Apple is offering them some consolation by sending $100 rebate checks out, but still…ouch.

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A few weeks ago I heard through the grapevine that George Reis’ new book “Photoshop CS3 for Forensic Professionals” was available, so this past Monday I finally took a few minutes to order it through Amazon. I was pleasantly surprised when it showed up at my door step Tuesday.

Click to find it on Amazon.comNow before I go any further I want to tell you up front I haven’t completely finished reading the book, but the first thing that impressed me about it was that it’s layed out so you don’t have to. There are three parts to the book with a total of twenty-four chapters. At the very beginning George makes it clear that after completing part one all remaining chapters stand on their own, and can be read in any order that may meet your needs or interests.

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Yesterday I received my copy of the Adobe Creative Suite CS3 bundle, and although I just installed it I’m already very impressed. Adobe has made great strides with integrating their various design products, making it easier than ever to create, manage, and edit content for any medium. As a matter of fact, I’ve been using Adobe Contribute now for approximately five minutes with no prior experience, and I’m using it to publish this very post.

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I picked up the new “LG Chocolate in Black” about a week ago after a few weeks of debating over it or the iPhone. I know, I know…it’s like comparing apples to oranges; but I wasn’t comparing them per say, I was debating on whether to make the leap to the iPhone. Well, long story short, I just felt the iPhone wasn’t worth the risk and the price, at least yet; I suspect it will be within a year or so though. So far, the $49 I spent on the new Chocolate (retails for $79 w/a 2-yr. contract) seems to be money well spent.

Basically, LG redesigned the touch pad and navigation wheel on this latest version of the Chocolate, and made it smaller and lighter. Everything else is pretty much the same. It sports a 1.3MP camera that takes decent pix and short vids, but it lacks a flash. It has a microSD memory card slot and should you decide to buy one of these phones, I’d recommend using it.

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Sprint’s recent roaming agreement with Verizon Wireless opens the door for many more potential customers, and products like this one are likely to get them to step on through that door. The Linksys Wireless G router for Sprint Mobile Broadband allows you to share your Sprint EvDO connection with others via Wi-Fi, and also serves as a full-duplex 10/100 switch.

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