We've added another great feature for Media-Geek.com members that will further facilitate the efficient sharing of documents, images, videos, presentations, and even programs; a shared, categorized, document library. In addition to the personal files & images storage area allocated to each new member, the document library provides an organized, searchable, shared location for forensic related content. Content can be uploaded from your computer, added via a link to another server, or even imported from another server.

Additionally, you'll notice some minor changes to the Member Menu. A new "tab" has been created on the Member Menu called "Other FVA Resources", where you'll find the link to our shared DVR database, the FVA FTP server, as well as the FVA list-serv. We have more features planned and will also be working on some minor bugs that still exist with the Video Library, so be sure to check-in often for further developments.

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This past weekend I added a direct link to the FVA FTP server via the members menu.  The FVA FTP server is hosted by Jimmy Schroering, developer of the free demultiplexing software program Camsort and member of the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation.  This extremely valuable FVA community resource was originally provided by Brad Doell, administrator of the FVA List-serv.  Speaking of which, I moved the link to the FVA list-serv from the Quick Menu to the main Member Menu this weekend as well.  Many thanks to both Jimmy and Brad for providing these services over the years, as well as permitting me to include them in the Media-Geek.com members area.

Additionally, I made some changes to a few script calls that should resolve most of the IE6 issues with accessing the Media-Geek.com Video Library.  There are a few other minor IE6 related issues to address, most related to the use of transparent PNG files, which I hope to get to next weekend.  As always, should you come across any issues or have any recommendations for the members area, please don't hesitate to post them to the Media-Geek.com Forums or shoot me a PM.  Thanks for participating!


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I've posted a new tutorial on Submitting & Managing Articles and Newsflashes, which registered members will find on the Tutorials page under the Help menu after they sign-in.  Additional tutorials are always being developed, so be sure to check back soon for more.  As always, if you have any suggestions or comments please feel free to post them to the member forums, shoot me a PM, or send them to me via our Contact Form.  Have a great weekend everybody! Add a comment

A few months ago my wife got up on a Sunday morning at 3:30am and stood in line at Toys-R-Us to pick up a Nintendo Wii for our son.  Neither her or I have every done anything like that before, and trust me when I tell you she's not a morning person, so I was absolutely amazed that she not only got up that early, but even more so that she stood in line in the freezing cold for hours just to get the darn thing.  shocked!

This afternoon my son and I were playing Guitar Hero III on the xBox 360 and out of the blue decided to finally configure the Wii for Internet connectivity.  As you probably know, Wii has a Wi-Fi adapter built in, but I just never took the time to configure our router and the settings on the Wii.  Well, within a few minutes of our decision we were online surfing the Web on our Toshiba 46" HD TV.

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I've posted a new tutorial on Adding & Managing Events, and you'll find it on the Tutorials page under the Help menu after you login.  Did you know that you can setup recurring events in our community calendar, so that you don't have to do a seperate entry for your regular user group or other meetings?  Check out this brief new tutorial for more information.

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