Signalscape, as I think has been pointed out, has a great screen capture utility.  I've been using Screen Recorder for several years.  I have always struggled with dCoder (either crashing or refusing to process)but have never had any issues with Screen Recorder.  It is a stand alone utility.  I am just now learning about Salient Stills screen capture utility, and I understand it also captures audio much like dCoder.  Signalscapes screen recorder (at least the version I have) does not deal with audio at all.  Most of my DVR cases do not use audio, but now some agencies are doing their interviews with DVR which is almost making it mandatory for me to deal with the audio.  I am still waiting for the newest dCoder with audio.  Perhaps all of my issues will clear up.  I am also happy to see discussion on using S-Video, because sometimes that is my only option.  And if I am transcoding a 4 hour interview, S-Video is as important as ever because I have no interest in an uncompressed interview and the S-video looks and sounds pretty decent.  (I've never needed to "analyze" an interview)

My point is that there are at least 3 great screen capture tools that we can use, but S-Video is also a great capture tool and has it's place.


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I recently posted another brief tutorial for members which gives a quick overview of the various options and settings related to sharing your profile and content with non-members.  Topics briefly discussed in this tutorial include your profile URL, availability settings for your profile and storage space, as well as the new profile "badge" and invitation features.

As you may know, all member tutorials are available via the Help menu once you sign in.  Additionally, I've recently added all of our tutorials to the "Training Videos" category in our Video Library.  Should you have any questions or comments, as always, please post them to the member forums, shoot me a PM, or feel free to use our contact form.  Thanks for participating, and remember to tell your peers & colleagues to Sign-Up, Sign-In, and Contribute!

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My smartphone saga entered another new chapter yesterday, as I personally migrated from a Samsung SCH-i760 to the original Motorola Q. While I liked many of the features of the Samsung, I have been using it for several months now and have missed two important voice mail messages, which is simply unacceptable. Although both are Windows Mobile devices, at least with the Q I don't have to go looking for voice mail.

I first got my hands on the Q in June of 2006, within days of it's release through Verizon Wireless. I had been testing various Windows mobile devices and had already submitted an order for three Treo 700w units, which were shortly thereafter sent back and replaced with new Q's. Now normally I give new products some time to grow and work through their initial bugs before I make a jump, but in this case I for some reason jumped on the bandwagon early; and subsequently, I suffered through the initial firmware issues.

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The new Documents & Downloads library is quickly growing and we've recently added a new category for members to post Forensic related job opportunities, and their personal CVs if their currently looking to advance their career.  The new category is appropriately titled "Employment Opportunities & Member CVs". Laughing is just over two weeks old and we have over 150 registered members, with more joining everyday.  If you're interested in a new position or your employer has a forensic video, audio, or image analyst opening, post your CV or the related position's details today! 

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Two new features introduced this week allow members to easily share their profile with non-members, should they so choose.  Members can now choose if they'd like to allow non-members to view their profile by editing their profile options; the default is set to not allow non-members to view your profile.

Additionally, members can now create their own custom URL to their profile page.  The custom URL can be set right from the member's profile page, and can be changed to whatever you like (e.g. will bring visitors directly to my profile, which I've set to allow public view).  Furthermore, members can now choose as to whether they want visitors to their profile to be able to view their personal files/images via the associated settings tab when editing your profile.

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