We've all been there. Sitting in a dimly lite room watching someone read the text off from their PowerPoint presentation. Responding to email under the table as we listen to the monotone disseration, looking up only during the brief breaks which occur between slides. Glancing around the room just in time to see one of your colleagues bounce their chin off from their chest. How many foreheads need to hit the conference table before we put an end to this senseless mid-day slaughter? I can tell you this, SlideRocket clearly doesn't want to find out.

SlideRocket is a rich internet application (RIA) being developed by a privately owned, venture funded, San Fransisco based company. The application is developed using Adobe Flex and Amazon's Simple Storage Services (S3), and it's sleek, user-friendly interface is entirely Flash based. It's not browser or platform dependent, so regardless of where you or your team may be or whether you're running the local player from a PC, Mac or Linux box, you're all good. While the presentation authoring tools are impressive, there are a plethora of other features and capabilities you won't find in related desktop apps that I personally find even more exciting.

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Brooks Photographic Imaging, LLC has posted a job opening. If you or anyone you know located in the Northern Virginia area located 25 miles from Washington, DC who may be interested please have them visit the following weblink.

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The last three or four weeks I have been absolutely swamped, and unfortunately have had little time to contribute to the Media-Geek community.  Despite my schedule others have kept things moving forward by adding articles and other content, and new members continue to join almost daily as the word spreads about our shared resource.  Although there are many things on my to-do list for Media-Geek regarding further development and maintenance, as well as several articles and blog posts I've been meaning to write, this weekend I spent some time doing a little Spring cleaning.

Initially I intended to spend a few hours addressing some maintenance tasks and reorganizing menus to simplify navigation.  Before it was all said and done I had spent nearly my entire weekend completely re-designing the site.  Go figure.  Anyway, along the way I made a few notable changes that are worth mentioning.

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Here's the Law & Order clip referenced in Paul Hartzell's post on the FVA listserv.

I thought I'd post it as an article with the embedded video only available to registered members for a few reasons - (1) I'm still working on the embed feature for our video library and thought it's be a great test, (2) to make it easier to find for new members not yet familiar with the site, and (3) to make it easier for new members to review and post comments.

The embedded video will only display in this article for registered members who are logged in. Members can simply click the "Add Comment" or the "Show/Hide Comment Form" link to post comments.

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Members can now upload videos directly to our server via the Video Library! As you may know the video library supports over 30 of the most popular video sharing sites, and now also supports direct upload of FLV, MPG, WMV, AVI, MP3 and SWF files. At present uploaded files will be stored and played back in the format uploaded; however, at some point we intend to implement ffmpeg on our server and automatically convert all uploaded files to the FLV format.

Adding videos to the library via a free online video hosting/sharing site (e.g. Google video, YouTube, etc...) is still the preferred method of including your videos in our library, as there are some limitations with direct upload such as a maximum file size of 8MB. With that said, there are also limitations with all of the video hosting/sharing sites, so I'm sure the ability to upload short videos directly will prove beneficial.

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