The LEVA Shield Awards have been a long standing tradition of recognizing excellence in video production within the public safety community.

The 2008 LEVA Shield Video Awards competition is now open for submissions. Enter your best work from the past year in any of the nine categories. Participation in the Shield Awards provides many rewards including recognition by your peers and professional development through LEVA's judging panel feedback.

The deadline for the 2008 LEVA Shield Video Awards has been extended! Please have all entries in no later than Monday, June 30, 2008.

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$5.00/gallon? $10.00/gallon? Maybe Web meetings will be more socially acceptable in the business world when gas prices have completely crippled our economy and there's practically no such thing as a small business anymore. I, for one, certainly hope we don't have to wait and see.

Online meeting services are certainly nothing new, yet every time gas prices reach a new high they're all the buzz, and rightfully so. Unfortunately, after a few months of feeling like you're being robbed at the pump, they seem to slip off the to-do list for most. Why is that?

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We've all been there. Sitting in a dimly lite room watching someone read the text off from their PowerPoint presentation. Responding to email under the table as we listen to the monotone disseration, looking up only during the brief breaks which occur between slides. Glancing around the room just in time to see one of your colleagues bounce their chin off from their chest. How many foreheads need to hit the conference table before we put an end to this senseless mid-day slaughter? I can tell you this, SlideRocket clearly doesn't want to find out.

SlideRocket is a rich internet application (RIA) being developed by a privately owned, venture funded, San Fransisco based company. The application is developed using Adobe Flex and Amazon's Simple Storage Services (S3), and it's sleek, user-friendly interface is entirely Flash based. It's not browser or platform dependent, so regardless of where you or your team may be or whether you're running the local player from a PC, Mac or Linux box, you're all good. While the presentation authoring tools are impressive, there are a plethora of other features and capabilities you won't find in related desktop apps that I personally find even more exciting.

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LEVA proudly announces that the Advanced Forensic Video Analysis and the Law© course will be offered November 17th through the 21st at the LEVA DME Lab, located at the University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN. Visit the LEVA site for details! Add a comment

Brooks Photographic Imaging, LLC has posted a job opening. If you or anyone you know located in the Northern Virginia area located 25 miles from Washington, DC who may be interested please have them visit the following weblink.

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