The Association for Forensic Multimedia Analysis (AFMA) hosted a meeting & conference call on September 19th relating to further development of this new, independent organization for Video, Audio and Image Analysts. Over thirty industry professionals participated in the event, and discussion topics included such things as the organization's scope, purpose, and future direction. As detailed in an email distributed following the meeting: Add a comment

CamSort version 1.5, developed by Jimmy Schroering, has been officially released. CamSort is an application that was designed for demultiplexing surveillance video. It is an easy to use application that will generate quick and accurate results. Updates/fixes in this version include: Add a comment

I've been wanting to write about this for weeks but just haven't had time, so here's the gist - if you're looking for something to buy me (and come on, who isn't) I'd like the Plastic Logic eReader.  I know it won't be released until sometime in 2009, so if you just can't go another day without buying me something then get me an Amazon Kindle.

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Members can now create work groups to organize, communicate, and more efficiently work with other Media-Geek members! Groups are a great way to work with and share information with your team, committee, task force, etc... To learn more about the all new Media-Geek Group features check out the related announcement in our members forum!

Oh yeah, BTW - we also just completed upgrading our private messaging system for members, providing a few more features and significantly improving performance. Now you can use auto-complete to enter recipients (again), add a CC line, create your own contact lists for sending to multiple members and more. When you get a second, check it out.

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Among the presentations scheduled for LEVA's International Video Evidence Symposium & Training Conference are two that will focus on video and imaging in Iraqi combat operations. Add a comment

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