A close friend shared something with me a few years ago. Something he said to his therapist when they asked "Why did you choose to focus on child exploitation, and why would you do such a thing for so long (much of it, on his own time)?"

You've heard the answer before, but maybe, just maybe, if you read all my posts from this weekend, you'll get it.

"If not me, then who?"

I don't see anyone else working for free doing this. Nobody else creating their own jobs. Jobs that never existed before, until they made others realize somebody needed to be doing these jobs.

I don't recall others stepping up and saying "Please, give me more to do for less or no money, and fewer benefits!"

Oh I see volunteers. I know there are millions of others like us.But clearly, you're missing the point.

For him, me and others like us...this is all about "me".

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So sleepy. My head won't stop. It's literally throbbing. Migraine. Perfect.

Sorry, I do that, ramble on about me & how I'm feeling a lot. I'm working on it, give me time. Anyway, you ready? Drum roll please...

Work both East coast & West coast hours, you silly goose. Bam! More hours in a day.

See, I am a mathematical genius, I think, based on some past experiences. Or maybe it's just my OCD. I can't say for sure, because nobody every told me why they came to me. Nobody explained any of the crazy sh** going on, and why me?

To this day, I have no answers. I know I'm good at math. I know I'm good at problem solving. I know technology things.

I also know I'm a much better team player these days, after 35 years of being a self-centered prick.

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Facial recognition technologies are not the big story with the linked article (see full post). Where this company obtained its data is a far bigger concern, IMHO.

Breaking the law in order to support those enforcing the law, is not a great business model.


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Or something like that. Listen, I play fair and expect you to do so too. You're grown adults, most of whom are in law enforcement and/or government, which in my personal opinion sets a higher bar for your behavior.

Downloading It All...So I Never Have to Pay You Again!
My terms don't prohibit it, so if you're a bit type A or even a complete ass, knock yourself out. Remember my terms of use though, the ones that have rarely changed. Share & Share Alike. You must prominently attribute DME Resources as your source.

I'm not going to write the entire damn terms out here or document the Creative Commons licensing you've agreed to. I'm fairly certain you can read and click the links. What I will say is that if you're building your own database and storing all the available files and information from here for it, you'd better be intimately familiar with your legal obligations.

Also, what the hell do you have against me making a living? A cup of Starbucks coffee each month is too much for 20 years of my time, knowledge & experience coupled with our collective knowledgebase? You see me as a greedy, arrogant ass? If so, do us both a favor and don't renew your subscription. I don't need more people like you in my life. Just sayin'.

Thanks for understanding, and good luck out there my friends.

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Privacy policies & practices are key, but it goes both ways my friends.  

YOU must develop & follow them, as well as the businesses, apps, sites, software, products, and services you use.

Have I gone mad about privacy? No, it's always been a concern of mine, from many perspectives.  It is also the topic of discussion for my audio podcast's January episodes. So there's that.

Surveillance Capitalism. Cambridge Analytica. Data Rights. Human Rights. Privacy Policies & Practices. CCPA.

If you're interested in any of these topics, maybe you can help me learn a few things?  Check out my Patreon posts and our January podcast episodes for my two cents.

Truly wishing you & yours all the best in 2020. Happy New Year my friends!

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