Thank you so much, seriously.  😎 

Listeners are up by double digits for our podcast this week already, patrons by a single digit.  And get this, some of our family still hasn't even heard the show yet.  We don't advertise.  We don't want to.

How Can You Help?
You already have!  Seriously, if you're reading this, you have.  If that's not enough, consider joining us in the following experiment:

  • Do NOT share our show or Patreon Community via Social Media (e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, whatever else the kids do these days)

It's how we roll.  We want to take the long road, thank you.

Word of Mouth
It's what we're banking on.  It works.  It attracts those that are most likely to absorb, laugh, teach, and learn together.  Suddenly, it's spreading like an infection, if you will.

Open minds.  Minds willing to work together to solve problems, not blow on about how they did it all themselves.

No, You Didn't!
You didn't do it all by youself, more than likely.  There are few things in this world that we get to accomplish all by ourselves.  

I'm not taking away from your greatness by saying that, but you are not the only reason you're great, jackass.

Just sayin'.

Smile More, It's Contagious 
You want to know what's infectious?  Laughter & Love, my friends.

That will always catch on.

Hoping you & yours are safe, and surrounded by love during this pandemic.

Let's just do what we do, and try to make it another great day for those around us. Cheers! 😎

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Broome County DPW Web Page 2020
Broome County DPW Web Page - March, 2020

Turns out, pretty damn fast. Way faster than I would, on anything, let alone a croch rocket.

Many of my favorite memories of my time in Broome County involve Harry. Like when he and I where taking hang gliding classes together in the evenings, and those dark & early morning hours on the weekend.

My favorite though was almost dying with him, which I would gladly do to this day, if given an option of how to go out. We were riding motorcycles. Enough said.

Okay, maybe not enough. You should know that my career as an amateur daredevil started very young. I began riding our Honda 50 at 5 years old, and just kept trying to think of more spectacular ways to nearly kill myself from then on.

Harry has me beat. Hands down.

Full story...

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But I've damn sure known quite a few. Worked with many. Met more than most even, I dare say.

I recently published my autobiography, on a special day with a special significance. It was time to share it with my son, first and foremost, but also to put the peices together for a few others that truly care.

I am extremely fortunate, despite some sad parts to my long, yet actually very abridged story. Maybe not despite them though, right?

Maybe because pushing through troubles and mistakes, and trying really hard to always do the right thing...even when nobody's around or looking...has made me who I am.

A very proud husband & father. Very comfortable in my skin, because I know what my intentions have always been, and that my best is good enough.

We are all works in progress, my friends.

If something in my story has offended you, even if it's just the way I've told it, I understand.

I'm a very understanding guy. 😎

Either way, do yourself and everyone around you a favor, and make it a great day my friends!

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Fun in the MountainsThat's Roland and I, and the pic was taken by George. We were celebrating victory. We just dug & winched Grant's 6-wheeler out of a bind, that I put us in.

I wasn't worried in the least, even though we were in the middle of nowhere in the mountains, which none of us where very familiar with. I was upset with myself a bit, and embarrassed of course. You'd think that would've made me miserable. It didn't.


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Johnny Cash. The Man in Black.

He wrote this song one day while in Binghamton, NY to do a show.

I'm pretty familiar with Binghamton, and can totally understand why Johnny felt this way on that day.

I felt this way a lot of days in Binghamton, and I know that courthouse pretty well too (Even the tunnel beneath it).

Anyway, life is about moments, my friends. Make the most of moments.

Sending ❀

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