Fun in the MountainsThat's Roland and I, and the pic was taken by George. We were celebrating victory. We just dug & winched Grant's 6-wheeler out of a bind, that I put us in.

I wasn't worried in the least, even though we were in the middle of nowhere in the mountains, which none of us where very familiar with. I was upset with myself a bit, and embarrassed of course. You'd think that would've made me miserable. It didn't.


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But I've damn sure known quite a few. Worked with many. Met more than most even, I dare say.

I recently published my autobiography, on a special day with a special significance. It was time to share it with my son, first and foremost, but also to put the peices together for a few others that truly care.

I am extremely fortunate, despite some sad parts to my long, yet actually very abridged story. Maybe not despite them though, right?

Maybe because pushing through troubles and mistakes, and trying really hard to always do the right thing...even when nobody's around or looking...has made me who I am.

A very proud husband & father. Very comfortable in my skin, because I know what my intentions have always been, and that my best is good enough.

We are all works in progress, my friends.

If something in my story has offended you, even if it's just the way I've told it, I understand.

I'm a very understanding guy. 😎

Either way, do yourself and everyone around you a favor, and make it a great day my friends!

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Absolutely nothing, and I'll say it again. Absolutely nothing.

The more eyes on you, the more you're likely to be someone else's next target. Trust me on this one, please.

Fame doesn't equate to money. Fame doesn't equate to success. Nor happiness. Nor balance. Nor worth. Nor intelligence. And if you think it does, boy are you in for a surprise.

Keep your head down, dummy, unless you are intentionally trying to draw enemy fire.

Good luck with that.

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Johnny Cash. The Man in Black.

He wrote this song one day while in Binghamton, NY to do a show.

I'm pretty familiar with Binghamton, and can totally understand why Johnny felt this way on that day.

I felt this way a lot of days in Binghamton, and I know that courthouse pretty well too (Even the tunnel beneath it).

Anyway, life is about moments, my friends. Make the most of moments.

Sending ❤

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A close friend shared something with me a few years ago. Something he said to his therapist when they asked "Why did you choose to focus on child exploitation, and why would you do such a thing for so long (much of it, on his own time)?"

You've heard the answer before, but maybe, just maybe, if you read all my posts from this weekend, you'll get it.

"If not me, then who?"

I don't see anyone else working for free doing this. Nobody else creating their own jobs. Jobs that never existed before, until they made others realize somebody needed to be doing these jobs.

I don't recall others stepping up and saying "Please, give me more to do for less or no money, and fewer benefits!"

Oh I see volunteers. I know there are millions of others like us.But clearly, you're missing the point.

For him, me and others like us...this is all about "me".

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