A few weeks ago I signed up for Amp’d Mobile service, and shortly thereafter received my new Kyocera Jet multimedia phone via Fedex. I was immediately very impressed with the look, size and form factor. I’ve always been a flip man, but I’m very keen on this slider from Kyocera.

The new OS is very cool, user friendly, and customizable. The Amp’d multimedia service is pretty sweet, effectively replacing my previous phone, mp3 player, and even the game system for short trips, etc… The microSD capability adds even more value, as you can simply transfer your existing content from the PC using the provided SD adapter. It should be noted that you cannot transfer purchased music from iTunes to the device or card as it is protected; however, you can rip CD tracks all day long or transfer other unprotected content (music, vids, images) - supports mp3, aac, mp4, 3gp, 3g2, m4a, and m4b file types.

the JetThe Amp’d content services are incredible, despite a few minor bugs and a couple of issues with their Web site while trying to preview content (price you pay as an early adopter). I don’t even have EvDO coverage at home yet, and at times am still surprised with content delivery speeds via 1xRTT on the device. Crisp, clear display, great audio quality and despite the size of the display the games rival those on a DS or GBadvance. Very impressed with the speaker quality too, even though it’s located on the back of the phone. PTT and messaging services are slick, but nothing really new. Services, tools, and features are very accessible and easy to navigate.

OK, the cons. A VGA CAMERA!?!?!? You develop the slickest new content delivery service, and only give the camera VGA capability? While I do like the new OS and navigation, it does have a tendency to lock up periodically, forcing me back to the main menu to start over; not often, but at least once a day I’d say. NOTE - when you open the box take the USB cable provided and toss it in that duffel bag you have in the closet with all the other cables you don’t use on a regular basis. Just use the microSD card. The phone connects, disconnects, connects and allows you to browse one level deep, then disconnects and XP wants you to search for a driver. Also, the volume keys on the side are almost flush, making them difficult to find/identify while it’s in your pocket.

Personally, I think the JET itself is worth the asking price, although I am anxious to see some more devices released for the Amp’d network throughout the year. More importantly though, I think the Amp’d service is going to be a force to be reckoned with for it’s target audience (younger generation, early adopters, etc…). They’re obviously not going after the business user, but they’ll pick up a few professional geeks like myself along the way.

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