Another new feature has been added for members that I hope will further facilitate information sharing and member communication - the ability to add comments to all articles & newsflashes.  But wait, there's more..not only can you add comments, you can subscribe to comment threads via email or RSS feeds!  Wouldn't it be helpful though if you could also leave comments on files and programs added to our new document library?  Well today's your lucky day, 'cause I had way too much coffee and managed to get that working too.  Surprised

I've added two links to manage your comments and comment subscriptions, one to the main member menu and one to the quick menu (right-hand side of the page).  This is also where members will manage their favorites.  For each artcile, file, or program added to the site member's will notice the "Set as Favorite" link located at the bottom of the post; simply click the link to add that item to your favorites list.  A few other notable updates include...

  • A new Job Opportunities & Member CVs category in our document & downloads library. If you're looking to advance your forensic career or have a new opening in your organization, post your CV or job description.
  • Dozens of documents and proprietary DVR programs have been recently added to our Document & Downloads library.
  • Site search will now search our Forums, Events Calendar, Document & Downloads library, News Flashes, and Member Articles...making it easier than ever to locate content.
There's a lot going on and more features being tested and further developed, so be sure to check back often for updates. And remember to tell your peers & colleagues to sign-up, sign-in, and contribute!

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