Two new features introduced this week allow members to easily share their profile with non-members, should they so choose.  Members can now choose if they'd like to allow non-members to view their profile by editing their profile options; the default is set to not allow non-members to view your profile.

Additionally, members can now create their own custom URL to their profile page.  The custom URL can be set right from the member's profile page, and can be changed to whatever you like (e.g. will bring visitors directly to my profile, which I've set to allow public view).  Furthermore, members can now choose as to whether they want visitors to their profile to be able to view their personal files/images via the associated settings tab when editing your profile.

Professional Profile

For more information on my professional experience, education, training, and industry involvement please visit my professional profile on LinkedIn

Contact Me

Government and Enterprise customers are encouraged to call me directly at (509) 228-8332. To download my contact vcard or submit general inquires please visit my Contact page.

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