Yesterday I published all of our podcast episodes to YouTube. Finally.

No fancy video production, just a static frame with show info and the complete audio of each episode. No comments allowed on YouTube, no monetization. Restricted to 18+, by me. 😎

Additionally, the show is now available on Podchaser, Deezer, Listen Notes and coming soon....Pandora.

Not to mention our Roku channel we anticipate launching this Fall.

6 Months In & Having a Blast
Right where we planned to be 6 months in, despite taking the emergency hiatus for over a month, my insane travel commitments earlier this year, and a global pandemic.

Still building our foundations, but this house is being built to last. Thank you so much to our patrons, guests and listeners to-date.

Hope you're having a great weekend with those you love, my friends. Make it a great day!

Sending ❤, always.

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