Those that followed me on Twitter or Facebook (or even MySpace, Tom) may be interested to know you can follow my public posts via Patreon much the same way.

Patreon is a social media platform for creators, independent artists & professionals. It provides tools for independent professionals to share, market and/or be compensated for their work. No ads. No advertising. Period. I dont even use Goggle Analytics there.

Anyway, posts, pics, and  audio clips are available for both followers/listeners, as well as  Patrons. Patrons are simply people who've decided to donate to support  the show.
Patrons can donate as little  as one dollar, once, and they're now a Patron...with access to  additional posts, media and sometimes give aways.  In fact, patrons get their own private RSS feed from me when they sign-up.

Alternatively, listeners can choose to donate at one of our 3 monthly patron levels. They are not charged until the first of the next month, and can cancel at anytime. 

Hope that helps folks understand a bit more about our Patreon community, which is our only social media presence really (I do have a music playlist I share via YouTube as well)

The below link takes you right to our public posts.

Patreon Public Posts