You don't need to own a Ring device, and no subscription fees for just their neighborhood service. See alerts from Ring users in whatever size area you'd like. View a newsfeed for your area or a map, and customize your alerts. Three suspicious events reported within a 3 mile radius from me within the last month, and one crime at a Ring user's next-door neighbor.

After watching the app for awhile, I finally decided to go all in and upgrade. Bought the security system, two doorbells, a solar powered spotlight Cam, 2ea. Wi-Fi extenders with chimes, another chime, 1 yr of unlimited cloud video storage ($30/yr/cam). Will probably add the alarm monitoring service for $10/month after I set it up this weekend. We'll see.

I'm looking forward to letting you know about my experience with them as an end user, rather than the geek who has to process the evidence they create.

If you do check the Ring Neighbors Android or iOS app out for free via the link below, we each get $10 off any future purchases with them. Just sayin'. All the best my friends!

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