The DME Resources Professional Community is a service provided by Larry A. Compton. This members-only community is the evolution of the original Forensic Multimedia Community,, which was launched in January, 2008 and grew to serve over 1,500 verified members.

Membership IS NOT available to the general public. Larry A. Compton reserves the right to approve/deny any prospective member or to cancel any current member's account at any time, for any reason or no reason, without prior notice and without liability. Please read my website Terms of Use for complete details.


Member's Area

The secure members area provides a number of tools and features to facilitate secure communication and information sharing between members. Some of the tools and capabilities currently provided include:

  • Community Forums, which allow members to share problems and solutions. Members can attach images, files, embed video and more. They can also subscribe to a topic and receive PM's or emails when there's a new post to a topic of interest.
  • DCCTV Database where members can lookup proprietary DCCTV file extensions and codecs by extension, fourCC code, or company.  Provides links to company/manufacturer websites, links to software downloads, notes, and more.
  • Private Messaging (PM) to communicate between members or groups of members throughout the site. Members can attach files up to 500MB in size, create distribution/contact lists, control email notification of new messages, and more.
  • Downloads & File Sharing - A shared, categorized, and searchable library where members can post documents, images, videos, presentations, and even complete programs. Upload files from your PC up to 1GB in size(!), link to them from another site, or import them from another server. You can even share files with non-members through our "Public" category!
  • And more...


Membership Qualifications

Membership is open to all Government employees whose current duties include forensic analysis of Digital & Multimedia Evidence, including but not solely limited to sworn Law Enforcement officers. Private sector analysts and/or companies who regularly provide related forensic analysis services may also apply to become members. Vendors of related hardware and software are welcome for their expertise as well, but are not to use this forum to solicit customers or market their product(s).


Private sector applications must include an email of reference from an officer of executive rank (or it's equivalent) from a government agency to which they provide services (e.g. Police Department, Prosecutor, Attorney). These references must be submitted via our contact form, and the submitted email address must be from a Government e-mail domain (i.e. - no Hotmail, Yahoo, Google, or other similar email services).


How to Register

All membership requests are screened. Interested parties must meet the qualifications listed above, and by submitting a registration request prospective members are agreeing to my Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

If you feel you meet the qualifications I invite you to apply for membership by submitting ALL of the following information via my contact form:

  • Your full name
  • Your AGENCY email address
  • Your Agency name
  • Your Title
  • and details regarding your involvement in forensic multimedia analysis.
Incomplete submissions will be discarded.

Should you have any questions please feel free to submit them through my Contact form. Thank you for your interest.

Professional Profile

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Contact Me

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