Today I had the pleasure of announcing a new vendor certification program that will be introduced in 2019, DME dTective® (DMEd).

I am both honored and excited to be spearheading this project for Ocean Systems. The new program will be modeled after other well respected vendor certifications in the digital evidence industry, and furthers our collective commitment to ensuring properly trained and qualified professionals are processing video & multimedia evidence within the criminal justice system.

Get Involved - Join Us!

We want your input and feedback! Whether you're a certified analyst, examiner, technician or just starting out in the Digital Multimedia Evidence (DME) or Forensic Video disciplines, we'd love to hear from you. We're also looking for Certified Forensic Video Examiners (CFVE) and Certified Forensic Video Analysts (CFVA) to assist with the new program's development and administration. If you're interested, reach out to me to chat and see how we can help each other, and our entire industry in the process!

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