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I'm so honored to be in this position. It wasn't easy. I couldn't retire from a single agency. I wasn't home when either of them passed away.

Visit the Marshall University website to learn more about their innovative, award winning programs.
Visit the Marshall University website to learn more
about their innovative, award winning programs.

It's been a long boring road, but we're finally here my friends.

In May, 2021 I officially announced "The Paul F. Compton Scholarship for Excellence in Digital Forensics".


Mission Statement

All proceeds over $10,000.00 USD for calendar year 2021 will be donated to our new scholarship program, to support the following:


  • Set out to pay for one (1) 4-year BS and/or 2-year MS full-ride per year to leading institutions in the field of Digital Forensics, such as Marshall University.
  • Agressively pursue vendor and agency participation, and promoting accreditation for any/all certification programs related to Digital & Multimedia Evidence.
  • Promote awareness and implementation of Mental Stress & Mental Health resources for Digital & Multimedia Evidence Technicians & Analysts.
  • Release a detailed financial report annually detailing all funds raised, from which sources they were raised, and how the money was used in regards to our mission statement.



ALL proceeds includes any & all donations or subscriptions received via DME Resources, Nerds & Non/Sense™ with Larry Compton, and my associated PayPal.Me.

Furthermore, IF subsciption and donation fees via the above resources do NOT amount to $10K USD by 12/31/21, I will personally donate $5,000.00 USD for award/distribution in 2022.

A lot of balls are still up in the air, but a lot of organizations and industry learders have already reached out to show morale support and ask how they can help.  We'll be looking to make some of those official in the coming months, via legislative action and the like.


Social Purpose Corporation (SPC) Status

As of 6/17/2021 DME Resources Scholarship, SPC is now a Washington State Social Purpose Corporation (SPC); Federal EIN# 87-1266023. You can learn more about Washington's SPC via 501 Commons or the Washington State Department of Revenue site.

Prior to 6/17/2021, all services were provided by Larry A. Compton, Sole Proprietor, Spokane, WA - Federal EIN# 46-3092870 - A Veteran Owned Business registered with the WA Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

Trade Names

I have also officially registered the following Trade Names with the state of Washington; DME Resources, DME Resources Scholarship, The Paul F. Compton Scholarship for Excellence in Digital Forensics.

Advisory Board

Our scholarship program will seek guidance from respected leaders in the fields of education & research, government, law enforcement, as well as digital evidence specialty areas, of course.

I hope to have all Advisory Board Members on-board by the end of Summer, 2021.

How YOU Can Help

One of the most important ways to help is to spread the word! Online. Offline. During Uptime. Downtime. You get it, when you can!

(1) Donate to the scholarship, when circumstances permit.
(2) Join our GoFundMe Scholarship Team! Track how much you've personally raised, post updates to our supporters and visitors, and more.
(3) Help raise awareness of the scholarship by promoting via your website, email, social media & text. (Simply click the SHARE button on our GoFundMe home page.).
(4) Encourage employer and/or organizational support of our scholarship; have them add our widget to their site.

Lots of ways you can help us, help others, without dropping a single dime. Stay tuned for more details!

GoFundMe Campaign

I've setup a GoFundMe fundraiser to assist us with obtaining our annual financial goal of $150,000.00 USD per year. I hope to raise $130K via GoFundMe, $10K via DME Resources, and $10K via Facebook, eventually. Since we are beginning mid-year, on 6/12/21, I adjusted these goals to reflect the following for calendar year 2021: $45K via GoFundMe, $10K via DME Resources, and $10K via Facebook.

Join our GoFundMe Team & Help Promote our Scholarship!

We're fundraising as a Team, meaning several people can assist with managing and promoting our GoFundMe campaign.

I'd love some help! If you're at all interested, please let me know.

Join our GoFundMe Team!

Cheers Pro Upgrader's!

Special thanks to all of our Pro Upgrade subscribers, for helping me help so many!

Keep being great & doing great things, my friends. 😎

Contact Me

Government and Enterprise customers are encouraged to call me directly at (509) 228-8332. To download my contact vcard or submit general inquires please visit my Contact page.
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