Nerds & Non/Sense™ will be a bi-weekly audio podcast hosted by yours truly.  It will be available here, via, iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcast, Stitcher, iHeart Radio, TuneIn & Alexa. 

For years people have asked why I don't do a regular podcast and my response has always been the same, "I have no idea where I'd find the time."

That answer, of course, is based on my own expectations in regards to the production of a program. Well, I've decided to lower the bar in order to get this concept, that I initially started over ten years ago with a few sporadic podcasts, moving forward regularly.

What Listeners Can Expect

Not much. Maybe something to listen to occasionally that makes you smile, sparks an idea, facilitates creativity, solves a technology problem, causes you to shake your head or offends the hell out of you.  Hopefully, not the latter.

Production quality will leave you wishing I had better equipment & resources to do a show with, and the blatant lack of show itineraries and the like may be frustrating to some.

Nerds & Non/Sense™ is Larry Compton's return to broadcasting after nearly 25 years away.  This time it's all about having fun!  Blunt, straight forward takes on life, society & culture, and technology, often delivered with a boat load of sarcasm.  Monologue, interviews, parody commercials and our own in-house music.

Podcast Categories: Comedy.  Society & Culture.  Technology.

Topics may include anything I damn well please, but will likely include things such as current events, my family & friends, life as a geek in our great country, all things technology, cigars, music, veterans & the miltary, boxing & MMA, old cars, and beautiful people.

Supporting the Show

Don't get ahead of yourself, you haven't even heard it yet!

If you'd like to support my hobby and this show it would be GREATLY appreciated, as we're on a shoestring budget.  Support the Show by Making a Small Donation via PayPal -

Nerds & Non/Sense will drop it's first bi-weekly espisode on Saturday, November 2nd.
No need to mark the date.  It's not that big of a deal or a hard committment even.  This will be fun for me or I won't do it for very long.  Plus, I'll surely post more info & details before then. 

That said, I'm kind of excited about it, having my own "show" again.  I started my broadcasting career on a show called "The All Request Radio Train Wreck" in the mid-90's.  It was a blast, and aptly named.  I'm hoping to bring back the spirit of that show in this new podcast. 

Contacting the Show

You can reach the show via Twitter @Nerds_NonSense or via email sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

More TBA.  All the best, my friends!

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