This time it's ALL about having fun!

Nerds & Non/Sense™ is an audio podcast hosted by yours truly.  Essentially, an 18+ talk show, much like on late night TV. It is available via*, iTunes, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Google Podcast, Stitcher, TuneIn & Alexa, as well as apps like Podcast Addict, Pocket Cast, Overcast, and more. 

What Listeners Can Expect

Me laughing with friends. Maybe it'll be something for you to listen to occasionally that makes you smile, sparks an idea, facilitates creativity, solves a technology problem, causes you to shake your head or offends the hell out of you.  Hopefully, not the latter.

Nerds & Non/Sense™ is Larry Compton's return to broadcasting after nearly 25 years away.  This time it's all about having fun!  Blunt, straight forward takes on life, society & culture, and technology, often delivered with a boat load of sarcasm.  Monologue, interviews, parody commercials and our own in-house music.

Podcast Categories: Comedy.  News Commentary.  Technology.

While it's all about having fun and hopefully making a few others smile in the process, we will be having serious discussions & interviews as well.

You can listen here via the player below too. Hover over the embedded player and click the "bullet list" icon for chapter markers or the "info" icon to see complete Show Notes with links to Guest's, Articles Discussed, upcoming topics and more.


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Thanks for the interest & support, my friends.   Be great, and do great things!

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