I've been doing geeky stuff for some time, you see.  Mostly in rooms with no windows, very few other people and that sweet hum of high-performance workstations.  I digress.  Your business = Your Website.  It should be a logical, intuitive user experience that is Secure, Responsive (Good performance & adapts to all screen sizes, etc.), and of course Cross-Platform

I may be able to help with that. 

I'm considering taking on one or two more non-profit/not-for-profit web development projects.  In other words, I only have so much time, and I prefer helping non-profits.  I can't do it for free, but pricing is reasonable and I can provide reputable references.  If interested, let's chat. cool

Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

There's a lot to like about PWAs.  Some of my favorite things are performance, security, caching, integration with host OS, and of course a standardized user experience across Win10, macOS, Android, and iOS.  Oh, there's also no need to compile apps for multiple platforms, nor rely on Apple or Googles app stores for distribution (or anything else).  Yeah, I like that too.

In any case, I may be able to help you with that too, of course.  We'll see.  Thanks for your time & consideration.  Have an awesome day, my friends!


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