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Broome County DPW Web Page 2020
Broome County DPW Web Page - March, 2020

Turns out, pretty damn fast. Way faster than I would, on anything, let alone a croch rocket.

Many of my favorite memories of my time in Broome County involve Harry. Like when he and I where taking hang gliding classes together in the evenings, and those dark & early morning hours on the weekend.

My favorite though was almost dying with him, which I would gladly do to this day, if given an option of how to go out. We were riding motorcycles. Enough said.

Okay, maybe not enough. You should know that my career as an amateur daredevil started very young. I began riding our Honda 50 at 5 years old, and just kept trying to think of more spectacular ways to nearly kill myself from then on.

Harry has me beat. Hands down.

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