Or something like that. Listen, I play fair and expect you to do so too. You're grown adults, most of whom are in law enforcement and/or government, which in my personal opinion sets a higher bar for your behavior.

Downloading It All...So I Never Have to Pay You Again!
My terms don't prohibit it, so if you're a bit type A or even a complete ass, knock yourself out. Remember my terms of use though, the ones that have rarely changed. Share & Share Alike. You must prominently attribute DME Resources as your source.

I'm not going to write the entire damn terms out here or document the Creative Commons licensing you've agreed to. I'm fairly certain you can read and click the links. What I will say is that if you're building your own database and storing all the available files and information from here for it, you'd better be intimately familiar with your legal obligations.

Also, what the hell do you have against me making a living? A cup of Starbucks coffee each month is too much for 20 years of my time, knowledge & experience coupled with our collective knowledgebase? You see me as a greedy, arrogant ass? If so, do us both a favor and don't renew your subscription. I don't need more people like you in my life. Just sayin'.

Thanks for understanding, and good luck out there my friends.

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