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Sunday evening I resigned my LEVA CFVA certification, and at the end of the month my DFCP will expire as well. Earlier this year I retired from active casework. No other reasons.

Most of my note to the current LEVA Board, staff & instructors was to thank them all for teaching & supporting me so much along the way, and inviting them all to be on & participate in my promote their efforts and training (at least to my mom, our most dedicated listener). cool

I'm confident we'll have two or three moms, a few authors, and an entire graduate student program class listening now...but the latter wont be by choice.

Anyway, I am finally in a position in my life that I can share my opinions more regularly. What really excites me about this though is getting to hear the opinions of others that I respect on various topics, and sharing those as I'm learning from them.

To date I've done the interviews for the first two episodes. Both with well respected & far more accomplished industry influencers, IMHO.

I cant tell you in words how honored & thankful I am to have such accomplished and respected friends, peers & colleagues support me in my efforts...

But, I am going to do my best to show you.

Keep being great & doing great things my friends! All the best.

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Cheers Pro Upgrader's!

Special thanks to all of our Pro Upgrade subscribers, for helping me help so many!

Keep being great & doing great things, my friends. 😎

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