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Augmented Reality

  • Remember those days? Back when your beeper went off and people would glare at you? Pull out a snazzy 3-Watt bag phone in the early '90’s and chances are someone was calling you an arrogant ass under their breath. New technology brings new social challenges, but don’t condemn it before you have had it in your hands, see what it can do, understand it’s strengths and weaknesses, and have actual data to draw your conclusions from.

    I know it’s a marketing video but take a minute and a half to check out this video on Google Glass Explorer Patrick Jackson (video after the break). I freakin’ love technology.

  • The future does bring some rather interesting additions to the fore, among them include contact lenses that are capable of projecting images right on top of your retinas, according to researchers at the University of Washington who have been hard at work on super small and semi-transparent LEDs which will be integrated into existing contact lenses. 

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