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Cyber Security

  • When looking for the source of a malicious infection on a computer network, a digital video recorder (DVR) might not make it on the radar of a malware fighter. That could be a mistake, according to one security expert.

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  • Encryption is all the rage, again. Politicians and government officials apparently have no problem with using fear mongering to conjure up support for backdoors to encrypted devices and data. Privacy advocates keep doing the same, basically, warning that providing big brother with backdoor access to encrypted data is like leaving the cookie jar in your wide-open kitchen window, on Sesame Street.

    (The original post included a link to my complete post on this topic on LinkedIn, but those articles no longer exist.)

  • The director of the FBI used his keynote address at the RSA 2010 conference to appeal for greater co-operation between law enforcement and the private sector to tackle online crime.

    Robert Mueller told delegates that the need for co-operation had never been stronger, as online fraud rises to huge levels and the next generation of terrorists move online in unprecedented numbers."

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  • Alan Paller is director of research for the SANS Institute, a provider of security training and certification.

    A few Sundays ago, the managing partner and IT partner from a large law firm in New York came to my home for a visit. It wasn't just for coffee. They had flown down to Washington to discuss what they might do in the aftermath of a troubling visit from the FBI.

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  • Free broadband Internet connectivity is definitely a good thing, but at the cost of others, not so much. Even though the issue of "stealing" bandwidth from unsecure Wi-Fi networks is still a grey area legally in most places, here are a few helpful tips on how help make sure your home wireless network isn't being used by the neighbors:

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