SWGDE Drafts Posted for Public Comment

The Scientific Working Group on Digital Evidence (SWGDE) is pleased to announce posting of the following fourteen new draft documents for public review and comment at https://www.swgde.org/documents/draft-released-for-comment

  • SWGDE Best Practices for Acquiring Online Content (21-F-001-1.1)
  • SWGDE Best Practices for Apple MacOS Forensic Acquisition (23-F-005-1.0)
  • SWGDE Best Practices for Digital Forensic Video Analysis (18-V-001-1.1)
  • SWGDE Best Practices for Drone Forensics (21-F-002-1.1)
  • SWGDE Best Practices for Internet of Things Seizure and Analysis (23-F-003-1.0)
  • SWGDE Best Practices for Personnel Presenting Digital Evidence in Legal Proceedings (23-Q-001-1.0)
  • SWGDE Best Practices for Vehicle Infotainment and Telematics Systems (12-F-004-3.1)
  • SWGDE Considerations for Required Minimization of DE Seizure (16-F-002-2.0)
  • SWGDE Core Competencies for Digital Forensics (23-F-007-1.0)
  • SWGDE Guidelines & Recommendations for Training in Digital _ Multimedia Evidence (10-Q-002-3.0)
  • SWGDE Minimum Requirements for Testing Tools Used in Digital and Multimedia Forensics (18-Q-001-2.0)
  • SWGDE Tech Notes on Cryptocurrency (23-F-006-1.0)
  • SWGDE Technical Notes on FFmpeg for Forensic Video Examination (16-V-002-3.0)
  • SWGDE Test Method for Bluetooth Module Extraction and Analysis (20-F-003-1.2)

In accordance with SWGDE policy, draft documents will be posted for a minimum of 60 days for public comment. Comments are accepted via email to our Secretary (secretary@swgde.org) as per the instructions on the cover page of each draft document, or an Electronic Request for Modification may be submitted at https://www.swgde.org/doc-modification-request. All feedback received will be reviewed by the appropriate subcommittee.

As noted on the cover page of all our documents, SWGDE encourages stakeholder feedback, and suggestions for modifications to our documents are welcome at any time.

We appreciate your participation as SWGDE continues its mission to bring together organizations actively engaged in the field of digital and multimedia evidence to foster communication and cooperation as well as ensuring quality and consistency within the forensic community. Please feel free to forward/redistribute this announcement to any colleague, forum, or listserv you deem appropriate.

Thank you,

David Hallimore
SWGDE Outreach Committee Chair

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