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Insta360 HD 3D camera setup
(Insta360 One R 3D setup.)

I am well versed in Virtual Reality (VR) technologies, as well as Crime Scene Laser Scanning solutions and leveraging Lidar, Phase Modulation, Time of Flight and other technologies for a great many things.  I do technology for governments & law enforcement silly; I've been working with this stuff before you even knew what an iPhone was!


Harness the Power of Virtual Reality(VR)!

I can easily produce stunning Virtual Tours of any room, office, business or...well, use your imagination!  These days, in semi-retirement, I create 2D, 3D, and VR tours mostly using off the shelf software like 3DVista.




Supported VR Platforms

Oculus (My personal preferred platform), Samsung Gear VR, VIVE, VR Box, and Google Cardboard.


VR Hotspots in Your VR World

It's simple really. Add a video, photos, audio recording of you talking about something, or click a Hot Spot to move to a new location. Wanna share a lot of information, add an INFO pop-up on your widget when viewed in your VR world. Simply click to move OR watch, listen & learn!

Although many VR experiences can cause naseau for some, proper design & development of your VR experience can minimize or even completely eliminate that affect.

Virtual Reality (VR) Professional Services

Complete Virtual Reality (VR) Interactive Online Tours. 360° Video Production Services. Drone Video Production services and more. Let's chat.

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NOTE: These services are currently only being offered to individuals & businesses in Spokane, WA and the surrounding area.

Cheers Pro Upgrader's!

Special thanks to all of our Pro Upgrade subscribers, for helping me help so many!

Keep being great & doing great things, my friends. 😎

Contact Me

Government and Enterprise customers are encouraged to call me directly at (509) 228-8332. To download my contact vcard or submit general inquires please visit my Contact page.
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