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I am a LEVA Certified Forensic Video Analyst, and a DFCB Digital Forensics Certified Practitioner. I have extensive experience in the recovery, examination, and evaluation of digital & multimedia evidence in both criminal and civil matters.


Go Beyond the PLAY button™

If you're simply hitting the play button and trusting what you see, you're not only missing a lot of're more than likely misinterpreting it!

Digital video files can use a plethora of frameworks, codecs, file formats and software. Even standard video file formats created by professional grade equipment can appear differently, on the very same computer system, when played back via different software.

Are you seeing every frame? Has it been edited? Is it playing back at the proper speed? Are the colors correct? Why are there gaps in the video? How come I can only see the time stamp in some players, on some computers, but not all the time? What about the aspect ratio (width x height), is it correct? Can you explain why? I can.

  • Digital Video Evidence Recovery
  • Digital Video Workflow & Processing
  • Image Enhancement
  • Video/Image Comparative Analysis
  • Interactive Charts & Presentations

I have been helping courts understand the true meaning of Digital & Multimedia Evidence for over 15 years. If it's DME and it's going to court, you need to Go Beyond the PLAY Button™

My Background

My professional technology career began with the United States Army’s 82nd Airborne Division, where I served for the better part of seven years. Following my honorable discharge from the military, I relocated back to New York to attend school, and in 1997 I accepted a position as Telecommunications Manager for an upstate NY local government.

Larry at his workstation, circa 2004.

During my time in local government, I became a certified New York State Peace Officer and New York State Municipal Police Instructor, and I went on to help establish one of the first law enforcement digital evidence labs in New York State. I am a former member of the FBI Southern Tier Cyber Predator Task Force and the New York State Digital & Multimedia Evidence Technical Working Group.

I have processed hundreds of videotapes and volumes of digital storage media containing multimedia evidence for both criminal and civil investigations throughout North America. I have provided testimony pertaining to my analysis in both state and federal courts.

I have also served as a technology consultant to multiple state and local law enforcement agencies and related industry associations, such as to the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

For more information on my professional qualifications and experience, please visit my LinkedIn profile.

Government and Professional customers are encouraged to call me directly at (509) 228-8332 for additional information.

Alternatively, please feel free to contact me via my contact form.

Professional Testimonials

Various quotes, testimonials, and professional recommendations I've received over the years:

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Government and Enterprise customers are encouraged to call me directly at (509) 228-8332. To download my contact vcard or submit general inquires please visit my Contact page.

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For more information on my professional experience, education, training, and industry involvement please visit my professional profile on LinkedIn

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Testimonials & Recommendations

PLEASE NOTE: These are personal quotes, testimonials, and recommendations. Agency names are provided for identification of the source; they DO NOT imply any endorsement, recommendation or the like from the individual's employer or agency.

Larry is one of the most knowledgeable and responsive colleagues in our field of Forensic Video Analysis. His unique skill sets in many diverse technology fields offer valuable assistance to law enforcement.

James M. Kennedy, Sr.
Director, Forensic Video/Multimedia Services
New York State Police

Larry Compton is one of the top Forensic Video Analysts in the country. He has proven himself as a innovator by creating a helpful website for the Forensic Video Analysts Community. Larry is dedicated and shares his knowledge by teaching others in the FVA field at the University of Indianapolis and at the LEVA International Training Conferences. I highly recommend Larry Compton as an educator and a Forensic Audio and Video Analyst.

Roland M. Tolosa
Crime Scene Investigator/Multimedia Evidence Specialist (retired)
San Francisco Police Department

As usual, thank you very much for your help in addressing a wide variety of needs in our office. Your knowledge and tremendous work ethic has helped law enforcement in Broome County tremendously.

Gerald Mollen
District Attorney
Broome County, NY

His knowledge of multimedia forensics is second to none...his talent and insistence on personal excellence is reflected in the reports that he generates.

James P. Thompson S.C.E.R.S.
Assistant Director (retired)
Broome County Government Security Division

Regardless of the situation, from routine work orders to large scale projects to emergencies, Larry carried out his role in an organized, methodical, and efficient fashion. Always patient, direct, and willing to put in extra time Larry Compton is a true professional.

Benjamin Krakauer
Emergency Manager
New York City Office of Emergency Management

In my humble opinion, you are, by far,the brightest person and most resourceful asset the County has (quite possibly has ever had)...You are a dedicated and honorable person...Your hard work and determination has not gone unnoticed.

Lt. Kate Newcomb
Broome County Sheriff's Office

Larry Compton is one of the sharpest video and data analysts around. He has a thorough knowledge base and is easy to work with. It is my pleasure to recommend him.

Scott Kuntz
Deputy Sheriff and Forensic Video Analyst

Larry Compton is in a league of his own. We worked together for many years and I count him as a true friend. His level of knowledge and expertise is baffling to me and he is most definitely the 'go-to' guy for any technical matter. Although he is thinking in binary code most of the time, Larry remains very generous in his personal relationships. He takes the time to get to know people and to explain things in simple terms to those of us who could not begin to grasp the concepts of some of his projects. Great guy to know- loyal and extremely trustworthy.

Jeffrey Taylor
Court Officer Captain
NYS Unified Court System

Officer Larry A. Compton employed his training and dedication to his craft to produce an exhibit that clearly demonstrated facts that were the heart of the government's case. The exhibit created by Officer Compton allowed the jury to visually review evidence associated with the investigation that proved to the jury the same perpetrator committed all four bank robberies...

Cpt. Mark Lester
Bureau of Criminal Investigation
New York State Police

I know you use to handle communications for the 82nd's General, but if you ask me you should've been the General!

Les Hyman
Sr. Investigator, Major Crimes, Troop C (retired)
New York State Police

(developed and gave) The best presentation I have seen in County Government and one of the best I've ever attended.

William Gibson
Past President
New York State County Attorneys' Assoc.

Larry makes my job as a department head very easy. The man is a genius.

Harry Miller
Deputy Commissioner
Broome County Government