Ladies and gentlemen I have a new favorite browser, and it's lightening fast. I downloaded Apple's Safari 3 Public BETA a week or so ago to troubleshoot a log-in issue one of our members was having, and next thing you know I've installed it on all of my PCs at home and the office. Safari 3 provides tabbed browsing similar to IE7 and Firefox 2, which is nice for those of us that have multiple pages/sites open simultaneously constantly. The first thing that impressed me was it's look and layout, but I quickly realized that it's primary advantage was its performance.

Apple is quick to point out on the homepage for Safari its performance advantages. They claim Safari can load pages up to 3 times faster than Opera, 2 times faster than IE7, and 1.7 times faster than Firefox. Pretty impressive numbers, but what browser doesn't claim to be the fastest? As you can imagine, some of's member services are bandwidth intensive, and others require multiple scripts to be loaded by your browser. I did a few rudimentary tests accessing various features of using Safari, IE7, and Firefox and was simply amazed at the difference in load times.

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Another new feature has been added for members that I hope will further facilitate information sharing and member communication - the ability to add comments to all articles & newsflashes.  But wait, there's more..not only can you add comments, you can subscribe to comment threads via email or RSS feeds!  Wouldn't it be helpful though if you could also leave comments on files and programs added to our new document library?  Well today's your lucky day, 'cause I had way too much coffee and managed to get that working too.  Surprised

I've added two links to manage your comments and comment subscriptions, one to the main member menu and one to the quick menu (right-hand side of the page).  This is also where members will manage their favorites.  For each artcile, file, or program added to the site member's will notice the "Set as Favorite" link located at the bottom of the post; simply click the link to add that item to your favorites list.  A few other notable updates include...

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I recently posted another brief tutorial for members which gives a quick overview of the various options and settings related to sharing your profile and content with non-members.  Topics briefly discussed in this tutorial include your profile URL, availability settings for your profile and storage space, as well as the new profile "badge" and invitation features.

As you may know, all member tutorials are available via the Help menu once you sign in.  Additionally, I've recently added all of our tutorials to the "Training Videos" category in our Video Library.  Should you have any questions or comments, as always, please post them to the member forums, shoot me a PM, or feel free to use our contact form.  Thanks for participating, and remember to tell your peers & colleagues to Sign-Up, Sign-In, and Contribute!

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Signalscape, as I think has been pointed out, has a great screen capture utility.  I've been using Screen Recorder for several years.  I have always struggled with dCoder (either crashing or refusing to process)but have never had any issues with Screen Recorder.  It is a stand alone utility.  I am just now learning about Salient Stills screen capture utility, and I understand it also captures audio much like dCoder.  Signalscapes screen recorder (at least the version I have) does not deal with audio at all.  Most of my DVR cases do not use audio, but now some agencies are doing their interviews with DVR which is almost making it mandatory for me to deal with the audio.  I am still waiting for the newest dCoder with audio.  Perhaps all of my issues will clear up.  I am also happy to see discussion on using S-Video, because sometimes that is my only option.  And if I am transcoding a 4 hour interview, S-Video is as important as ever because I have no interest in an uncompressed interview and the S-video looks and sounds pretty decent.  (I've never needed to "analyze" an interview)

My point is that there are at least 3 great screen capture tools that we can use, but S-Video is also a great capture tool and has it's place.


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The new Documents & Downloads library is quickly growing and we've recently added a new category for members to post Forensic related job opportunities, and their personal CVs if their currently looking to advance their career.  The new category is appropriately titled "Employment Opportunities & Member CVs". Laughing is just over two weeks old and we have over 150 registered members, with more joining everyday.  If you're interested in a new position or your employer has a forensic video, audio, or image analyst opening, post your CV or the related position's details today! 

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