This brief (approx. 9min.) introduction into the world of digital video evidence is intended to provide law enforcement professionals with a better understanding of the basic concepts and related issues.  It was geared towards first responders, who in many cases are the ones initially seizing video evidence.

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The testing continues today with the Private Messaging (PM) feature that will be made available to all members.  Members will be able to PM each other from any page within the members area, including forum posts.  PM settings will allow each member to be notified of new PM's via email as well, if they'd like; users can be notified of all new PMs, new PMs only when they're offline, or not at all.

Additionally PM's can be further secured by using an encryption word for each message; you simply enter the encryption word prior to sending the message...and make sure the other party has it or they won't be able to read your PM!

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Less than two weeks away from the official launch, and I'm making some significant progress in what will be the new, secure member's area.  This area of will not be available to the general public, as it's purpose is to provide a secure place for forensic media related professionals to share information.  Membership will be open to current or retired law enforcement forensic media related professionals and prosecutors.

The new members area will provide a number of "social networking" tools, such as secure community forums, file sharing, messaging tools, a community calendar, and more.  Members will be able to submit articles, news, event information, links, and other content to share with the group.  There will be a membership directory, and users can choose what information they'd like to provide (if any).  Members can create "Connections" or "buddy lists", and use Private Messaging (PM) to communicate with any member throughout the entire site. Want to receive an email or PM when there's a new post to a forum?  No problem.  Want an email when someone sends you a PM?  Can do.  Want to keep your email address private, yet allow members to send you an email?  We can do that too!

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It's 2:30 am EST and I'm testing browser compatability.  What's wrong with this picture?   Anyway, I've tested most of the new member area functionality with IE7 and Mozilla Firefox and above; so if you're using the latest from either you're golden!

I've also tested IE6 extensively and noted a few issues related to layout, predominantly due to IE6 and IE5.5 not digging the use of PNG files  At some point I may go back and resolve these issues either through "creative code" or simply converting the images to GIFs, but that likely won't be for several weeks.  Hey, why not just update your darn browser already...they're both free you know!!!  Tongue out

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Today, after nearly fifteen years of developing personal & business Web sites, I'm launcing While will certainly serve as the successor to my personal business site ( and I am always excited when deploying a new site or layout, I am even more excited about the community-based functionality that is to come.

I should point out that this is a pre-launch of, which allows me the opportunity to test the various components and functionality in the exact environment where it will be fully deployed.  All of the content from my previous site(s), as well as a ton of additional functionality will be published with the official launch.  While there won't be any parades, balloons, or free donuts, the official launch is scheduled for Monday, February 11th.   Thanks for visiting...stay tuned!  Cool


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