Tomorrow's the official launch of and we've added another great feature to the new members area, a categorized events calendar.  The new calendar will be viewable by all visitors; however, only registered members will be able to add and manage events listed in the calendar.

The concept behind the calendar is simple - to provide a consolidated calendar listing the multitude of forensic related training events, conferences, and meetings.  The initial categories implemented include Photography Training, Image Processing & Analysis Training, Forensic Video Training, and Forensic Conferences & Meetings.

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One of the features still in BETA for the new member's area is a video sharing service, which will allow users to upload videos or add their videos currently hosted elsewhere to the Media-Geek video library.  In addition to a searchable, categorized library, each member's profile will list their videos.

  Although this feature wasn't initially slated to be rolled out with our launch on the 11th, it now looks like it will be!  Get your training videos together, get registered, and come back next week to upload!

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Late nights, early mornings, and a couple of days with no sleep at all over the last few weeks makes Larry want to buy stock in Starbucks. The new site is progressing well, but I just can't let go of the IE6 issues as easily as I thought I could. They're really no big deal, just some minor cosmetic issues, but when you put all this effort into a project you want visitors to at least see it the way it was designed...even those who choose not to update their FREE browsers.

If you've been here recently you'll notice I've already changed the new site's layout. The concept is to provide a clean, user-friendly interface; not a fancy, schmancy look. I think this new layout accomplishes that, so I'm sticking with it. Of course, I've had to re-do much of the layout work I'd done on the previous design, but I think it's worth it. Now I just need a MAC user willing to be a "guinea pig".

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The site search tool will now search our member forums as well.  Of course you need to be a registered member to view the forums and posts, but at least now members will be able to seach them conveniently.

{mosif usergroup!=public}I see that you're a registered user.  If for some reason you're unable to find the content you're looking for, send me a PM and I'll follow up as quickly as possible.{endif}

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The DVR database will be moving into the new secure members area effective February 11th, in conjunction with our official launch of Having the database available to the public has always been a security concern as well as a target for spam bots, among other things. There is no membership fee or advertising based revenue generated from this site, and I'm hopeful most will understand and take the few minutes to register. Look forward to seeing you "on the inside!" Add a comment

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