Wouldn't it be nice to see who else is logged in while you're online?  Well, now you can.  Check out the right-hand column on your profile homepage, and right under the "Status Center" you'll see a detailed listing of members currently logged in! Add a comment

The new Media-Geek.com members area is officially open!  If you've already resgistered, take a moment to check out the brief Getting Started tutorial.  Additional, in-depth tutorials and other documentation will be developed over the next few weeks.  In the meantime, if you have a question about any of the features provided in the members area you can post it to the Media-Geek.com "Help!  How do I..." forum, send me a PM, or submit your question via our contact form.

The concept is simple - a team effort, a community resource.  The more people who contribute, the more we all benefit.  If you're a forensic multi-media professional and haven't registered yet, sign-up today!

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Tomorrow's the official launch of Media-Geek.com and we've added another great feature to the new members area, a categorized events calendar.  The new calendar will be viewable by all visitors; however, only registered members will be able to add and manage events listed in the calendar.

The concept behind the calendar is simple - to provide a consolidated calendar listing the multitude of forensic related training events, conferences, and meetings.  The initial categories implemented include Photography Training, Image Processing & Analysis Training, Forensic Video Training, and Forensic Conferences & Meetings.

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The new Media-Geek.com members area is officially open, and I'm really pleased with how the pieces have neatly snapped together so far.  There's still a lot to do, particularly in the way of tutorials and documentation, but all of the core functionality that was planned for the official launch (and even some that wasn't) is up and running.

Larry C.

The most recent additions to the new members area are the new Video Library and the Forensic Community Events Calendar.  These are two of my favorite features so far in the members area and, as geeky as this sounds, I'm really thrilled that they were ready in time for the official launch. Additionally, with Brad Doell's approval, I've added direct access to the FVA list through the members area.  Thanks again Brad!

If you're a registered member who wants to hit the ground running, check out the Getting Started tutorial. Add a comment

One of the features still in BETA for the new member's area is a video sharing service, which will allow users to upload videos or add their videos currently hosted elsewhere to the Media-Geek video library.  In addition to a searchable, categorized library, each member's profile will list their videos.

  Although this feature wasn't initially slated to be rolled out with our launch on the 11th, it now looks like it will be!  Get your training videos together, get registered, and come back next week to upload!

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