The following is provided on behalf of Target Corporation and Angela Caudle.

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It is with great sorrow and a very heavy and sad heart that I pass on the following information to you.

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George Reis, member and well respected digital imaging author/instructor, has posted a brief survey on law enforcement's use of digital asset management systems. George is working on an article pertaining to the topic, which he will make available via his Website in a few weeks.
Click here to take the brief survey.

If you haven't already, you should check out George's book on using Photoshop CS3 in your forensic workflow...simply click on the image to the right to visit for further details.

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Resolution Video is planning their 2009 training schedule and would like input from their current and prospective students. To that end, they've published a brief online survey to collect your input and would appreciate your feedback.

Those who participate in the survey prior to September 1, 2008 will be entered to win an Apple iPod Nano. To complete the survey, please click here.

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The first episode of DMEpod will be released in just a few weeks and we want to feature you, your story, your case, your agency, your event, or your products! As a matter of fact, we'd love to have you host an episode! DMEpod will be a monthly (maybe, sort of, kind of, best effort...) video podcast covering the people, products, processes, training, news and events relating to the forensic multimedia community. (*Whew*)

DMEpod will be available for free via the iTunes podcast library; those that don't use iTunes will be able to subscribe via RSS right through our site. Furthermore, each episode will be posted to Google Video, YouTube, blip.TV and of course the video library.

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