LEVA wrapped up their weeklong video evidence symposium and 2008 annual training conference in Orlando yesterday, and they've announced four newly certified analysts. Michael Klein, Lorraine Nagy, Michael Ornelas and Michael Plaxton are now among those who are LEVA Certified Forensic Video Analysts. Add a comment
Earlier this evening Jim Hoerricks, author of the book "Forensic Photoshop", announced the availability of a new online training course - "An Introduction to Forensic Photoshop". Jim's new online course is hosted and provided through the American Institute of Forensic Eduction, Inc.. Add a comment

I'm looking to pickup an HD camcorder disguised as a contact lens which accepts microSD behind my earlobe, but I'm not finding anything.  Go figure.  Until then, I'm thinking of picking up an HD pocket camcorder.  You know, something the size of the Flip but in HD.

Still image capability isn't that important to me for this thing, but I would like decent 720p HD video under various typical lighting conditions (e.g. nothing extreme).  SDHC storage would be ideal.

To be honest I was thinking a fully decked out RED rig until my wife walked by, shook her head and smiled.  I don't think she even knew that I started my search looking for a sub $300 pocket camcorder, and ended up looking at a camera rig that would cost about as much as our last car. What I can say is that I'm pretty sure she was thinking "I dare you, you silly little man."

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VFPro 3.0.1 is now available for immediate download from the Salient Stills website. This is a refresh release and is available to all VFPro 3.0 customers whether on the upgrade & maintenance program or not.

Salient Stills encourages all VFPro 3.0 customers to download this version as it has a screen capture bug fix and a number of other small bug and usability fixes.

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Back in August I announced we'd be launching DMEpod, and I later stated that I hoped to have the first episode out in October.  Well, that ain't happening so get over it...'cause we've got LIVE streaming coming your way baby!!!

Media-Geek TV will be streaming forensic multimedia news and training content 24/7, and DMEpod episodes will be cut from the channel and distributed via podcast monthly (or so).  All of the behind the scenes stuff is going to take some time to get worked out, so I'm personally setting January as our official launch date, but we're already loading and broadcasting content, and periodically running LIVE test events.

I've got to tell you, the testing is just plain fun, and I'm really excited to get others on board and contributing.   While the channel will predominantly feature pre-recorded content (and a growing on-demand library), the possibilities related to the LIVE event streaming are endless!  Think association, working group, or committee meetings...round table discussions...LIVE training with multiple instructors...LIVE interviews with industry vendors, engineers, and analysts...and so on. Geek or not, that is just plain cool.

 Maybe I'm a bit naive, but I'm sticking to the all volunteer concept, and hope you'll consider participating.

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