Merry Christmas & Happy New Year my friends!  Just a quick note to pass along season's greetings, and give you a heads up regarding upcoming topics for my podcast, Nerds & Non/Sense™ .

In our January, 2020 episodes we'll be discussing The Illusion of Privacy.  Cambridge Analytica, "The Great Hack" documentary on Netflix, the Best Selling book "The Age of Surveillance Capitalism", and chatting about how metadata about your daily activities is used to not only predict, but influence your behavior.  How you are the commodity, and most of you still don't even understand the extent to which you've facilitated this.

In our February, 2020 episodes we'll be discussing Work/Life Balance.  Mandatory professional therapy and mental health resources & evaluations for digital evidence practitioners, and how they should be mandated in ALL agency SOPs, IMHO.

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Thank you to all of my guests for their patience during my unexpected break.  It was very much necessary, and your understanding is very much appreciated.

Visit our podcast site for show notes & links to guests and other content discussed.  Visit our Patreon community to check out other content from the show, such as audio clips, listener polls, etc.

Listeners can comment on my posts at Patreon with their Google or Facebook accounts too; you do not have to donate to participate.

Coming up in the next few episodes we'll be chatting about The Great Hack documentary, Cambridge Analytic and how private industry knows far more about what you do in the privacy of your own home than the government ever will.

Thanks for the ❤️ and support my friends.  Keep being great and doing great things!

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Those that followed me on Twitter or Facebook (or even MySpace, Tom) may be interested to know you can follow my public posts via Patreon much the same way.

Patreon is a social media platform for creators, independent artists & professionals. It provides tools for independent professionals to share, market and/or be compensated for their work. No ads. No advertising. Period. I dont even use Goggle Analytics there.

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I hope everyone has been doing well during my social media absence. I have spent the last month focusing on family transitions, and supporting those closest to me who have helped & been there for me for so long. It's truly been refreshing, disconnecting in order to connect.

Anxious to get back into rythm with the show, spewing nonsense, laughter & love every two weeks. So much to talk about, so many I want to talk with.

I greatly appreciate everyone's patience & understanding during this unexpected break, as well as the kind words of concern and support some have shared.

Episode 3 drops tomorrow at 10 PM Pacific, and will include all of the content & interviews that were scheduled for episode 2....and more.

Thanks for the ❤ and support my friends. Keep being great, and doing great things!

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The #Encryption #Backdoor #Debate of 2019.

"The Great Hack" documentary on #Netflix.

The book "The ABC's of CBD", by Shira Adler.

Work/Life balance & recommended professional therapy.

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