Whew. I’ve been crazy busy lately, and have been meaning to throw up a post about this product for a few weeks. It’s one of the latest freeware programs I’ve added to my thumbdrive, which has come in quite handy for resolving various common PC problems via a point-and-click interface. If you regularly get calls from friends, family, co-workers, etc…regarding their PC problems, you might want to consider this neat little freeware ap - Advanced WindowsCare V2 Personal

Advanced WindowsCare V2, made by IObit, looks to resolve issues that cause less than optimal performance in Windows based PCs. The personal version:

  • Scans & removes spyware
  • Blocks spyware from being installed
  • Scans, cleans and fixes issues with the system registry
  • Analyses your Windows system and optimizes various OS related settings
  • Runs a startup scan and identifies all programs scheduled to start with Windows, provides a means of researching each program, disabling or deleting it
  • Performs a privacy sweep to clean activity history and surfing traces
  • Scans and cleans temporary files

What I like most about this program is it’s very simple interface - Start, Scan, Repair. While a useful tool for even advanced PC users, it’s also simple enough for the novice user. In every case where I’ve used it or recommended it, Advanced WindowsCare has produced positive results (quicker boot/shutdowns, improved performance, resolving Windows anamolies or spyware issues other programs have missed, etc…).

Just my two cents of course, but if you’re scratching your head as to why your PC seems to have slowed down so much lately, you may want to give this one a shot.

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