The browser war rages on and new versions are being released at a break-neck pace. Unfortunately, for Web developers at least, each new version seems to introduce multiple changes that not only affect how pages are displayed, but how and if various features in a site will even function. It's madness I tell 'ya.

Anyway, since I started using Safari as my primary browser I've been looking for another WYSIWYG editor for our members, because in Safari with TinyMCE set as your editor members couldn't use the Submit or Cancel buttons when attempting to submit articles, news, or events. Long story short I've found one, I'm using it right now, and I'm diggin' it so far. members now have another option and can choose JoomlaFCK as their WYSIWYG editor by simply editing their profile options.

If you're using Safari and attempting to submit calendar events, articles, news, or other content you'll need to either change to the new editor or select "No WYSIWYG Editor" (if you prefer to simply use straight HTML).

Even if you're not using Safari you may want to try the new editor next time you're submitting content, as it provides some pretty cool features.

Check it out and let me know what you think. And remember, tell your peers and colleagues to Sign-up, Sign-in, and Contribute!