You may have seen my posts about launching a new audio podcast, but either way I wanted to formally invite you to participate in my next "Mind Sharing" project - Nerds & Non/Sense™

Here's the concept - A widely available talk show where I get to pick the brains of some of the smartest people I know or follow, and share it with all of you.

A show where YOU get to not only listen, but participate

A show where we do our best not to play favorites, keep things informal and have fun learning something new along the way. Together, if you'd like.

The first full episode drops November 2nd @ 10 PM Pacific. In that episode I'll be chatting with a well respected digital forensics author, Brett Shavers, about the encryption backdoor debate of 2019.

Those not familiar can review Attorney General William Barr's prepared remarks for the International Cyber Security Conference held at Fordham University back in July.  The actual speech is available via different sources online as well.

In addition to chatting with Brett, from DFIR.Training, on the topic, I'll be chatting with another well respected author & professor from one of the leading Forensic Science Graduate Programs in the country, which will be featured in our 2nd full episode, along with listener feedback.

Future topics for our "What's Your Opinion?" segment include:

  • ALPR privacy & policy concerns
  • IMSI Catchers (Stingrays)
  • Body Worn Video and perspectives
  • Social Engineering & Captain Crunch
  • Password Management & 2FA
  • Analyst & Technician Certifications
  •  And more!

I'm looking forward to discussing these and other topics with family, friends, peers & colleagues. 

SPOILER ALERT: I have A LOT of really, really smart, well respected, and far more accomplished peers & colleagues than one might think. ;)

Let's Learn More Together! 

Share your opinions with us by dropping a message at (541) 314-4271. 

Alone we can & have accomplished great things, but together we can accomplish so much more.  I'm both honored and excited to be in a position that I get to facilitate some of this.

Drop us a message.  Check out the show.  Use our Chapter Markers to skip what you don't like, I won't be offended in the least.

Whatever you do my friends, do not ever stop being great, and doing great things.  All the best!

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