As announced a few weeks ago, DME Resources will be implementing a new subscription model effective April 1, 2019.  Current verified DME Resources Professional Community members are being given a FREE Lifetime Access subscription, as are any new verified members joining the site after April 1, 2019. 

FREE Lifetime Access Subscription

The FREE Lifetime Access subscription provides access to our secure community resources, including our Community Forums, where members have been helping each other & sharing large files for many years. Additionally, I’ve added a new capability that allows ALL verified members to categorize, store and share their own files (Document, Images, Photos, Videos, etc) right from their profile page and the new “Files/Photos/Videos” tab. (If displayed, click "Read more..." button for full post)

Pro Upgrade Subscription

The new Pro Upgrade subscription that will be introduced on April 1, 2019 will cost $60/year per member and will provide elevated access to additional resources, such as the DCCTV Database, categorized File Sharing Library, expedited Trouble Ticket support and more. 

I will add that I did give a free lifetime Pro Upgrade subscription to one (1) of our 2,150+ members for their valuable contributions to our File Sharing Library over the last 4-5 years.

As the new subscription model matures, I will consider implementing discounts, likely based on user contributions (e.g. If a member adds X forum posts, If a member adds a DCCTV database record, shares a file via our File Sharing Library, etc.).

Knowledge Base & Website Support

I have implemented an all new Knowledge Base and Trouble Ticketing system, where I have posted several KB articles with anticipated common questions and answers about the new subscription model.  When logged in, verified members can easily submit & manage their trouble tickets. 

I encourage members to take a moment to check out the new Knowledge Base, and as always do not hesitate to send me an email, PM or submit a trouble ticket with any questions, comments, or issues.

Thank you for your valuable time and participation in our secure online community.  Have a great day, and be safe out there my friends! - LC

PS – I understand that not everyone can afford to buy me a cup of coffee every month, and I assure you that I do not and will not hold any grudges or ill wishes towards any of those who choose not to upgrade.  As has been the case for my entire career, you are always welcome to contact me directly for assistance, around the world and around the clock 365 days a year, and I will do my best to make myself helpful.

Professional Profile

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Contact Me

Government and Enterprise customers are encouraged to call me directly at (509) 228-8332. To download my contact vcard or submit general inquires please visit my Contact page.

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