Hidy ho my fellow digital forensicators! I wanted to type up a quick post about searching DME Resources for information on proprietary file extensions, players/viewers and codecs. Before the tips though, thought I'd mention that our Professional Community is now well over 2,000 verified members! Thank you to all of those who have and continue to contribute to our collective knowledge!

Now a few tips on searching our resources...

Searching DME Resources

  • First, you MUST be logged into our members area to search member's area content.
  • Try the site search in the upper right-hand corner of every page first. This will search all areas of the site, including our Forums, File Sharing area, etc.
  • When using the site search to search for information on a proprietary extension, enter the period prior to the extension in the search field (e.g. ".dvr")
  • Be sure to also search the DCCTV Database. Although our site search will list the DCCTV database in search results, it does NOT link you to individual records in the database.

Although I've been hosting DVR & DCCTV resources on my site for over 15 years, this Fall is the 10 year Anniversary of our members-only Professional Community; originally launched as Media-Geek, then re-branded 4 years ago as DME Resources. We've shared a lot of information and expedited a lot of investigations throughout the world together, and we did it all without any pesky advertising! Thank you to all who have and continue to contribute.

As always, should you have any comments or suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me. All the best my friends, be safe out there!

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