Today I introduced a new 30-Day Pro Upgrade subscription option for $9.99 USD, giving verified lifetime members a way to access Pro Upgrade features without an annual commitment.

Verified Liftetime members can manage their subscription options via their profile's "Subscription" tab, and can pay securely online using PayPal or any major Credit Card for immediate elevated access.

Thank you to all who have participated and supported the DME Resources Professional Community to-date. Keep being great and doing great things, my friends!

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A few words of inspiration from JFK, along with a little nonsense from me on this Independence Day.

Happy 4th of July my friends. Hoping you're having a great day & spreading ❤

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The FREE Windows File Recovery app is in the news again this week, with The Verge, ZDNet and others reporting on this "new" utility/tool.

Although it's not "new", as it was released in January, you likely haven't had a version of their OS that can run it until recently, unless you're an insider or developer. It is command line tool, but pretty simple to use (think PhotoRec/TestDisk). It can be used to recover from internal drives, HDD or SSD drives, cameras, USB and flash card storage. You'll need Win 10 version 19041.0 or higher.

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There's been a lot of yammering lately about facial recognition in criminal justice. So much noise that developers like IBM have walked away from facial recognition and agencies across the world are getting in hot water over its adoption & use.

Face Recognition Policy Development Template

The DOJ's Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) published a policy template for LE agencies back in 2017 that you may find helpful.  Of particular note is the recommendation that the technology only be used for investigative leads, and that facial recognition results on their own do NOT establish probable cause and should NOT be considered positive identification. 

Common sense, many might say, myself included.  Click here to visit the GIST site for access to the complete PDF.

What's Your Opinion?

Do you have comments or thoughts to share on the topic?  First-hand experience using the technology in criminal investations?  Drop your comments in 3 minutes or less and they may be included in our next podcast episode being released Monday, July 6th.  You can leave your comments via voicemail at (541) 314-4271.

Make it a great day, my friends!

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Yesterday I published all of our podcast episodes to YouTube. Finally.

No fancy video production, just a static frame with show info and the complete audio of each episode. No comments allowed on YouTube, no monetization. Restricted to 18+, by me. 😎

Additionally, the show is now available on Podchaser, Deezer, Listen Notes and coming soon....Pandora.

Not to mention our Roku channel we anticipate launching this Fall.
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