HP made some big product announcements today that I've been patiently waiting for.  My patience is wearing thin though, as the two devices I am most anxious to get my hands on won't be out until this summer.  I was a bit peeved earlier when I heard that, but there's no doubt i'll wait rather than jump ship to another OS (he says as he writes this post from his original Palm Pre).

For those who have spent any time with all of the major mobile operating systems, it has been clear from day one webOS has the most potential.  True multi-tasking is a biggie, and nobody does it better.

Yes, i'll wait for the Pre 3 and HP Touchpad, but I'd better get a nice loyalty discount HP! ;)  

Here's more (with video & pics) from CNET - http://news.cnet.com/8301-17938_105-20031111-1.html

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