It's official, Joe Fragomeni has accepted my offer to become the Primary Global Moderator for the DME Resources Professional Community!  I am so honored to have Joe accept this role, as I know who Joe is; he's one of the good ones, my friends.

Thank you Joe!

Joe Fragomeni

Joe will be responsible for approving/denying membership requests (with the click of a button - don't get worried Joe, I told you it'll be easy!), removing any offensive posts, etc.  Remember, ALL Verified Professional Communty members can report content and/or users via simple, easy to use controls.  That said, it's great to have someone like Joe there to keep things in check. 😎

Joe, I cannot thank you enough for your friendship & support.  Not just your support & participation at DME Resources, but your support of our entire discipline over the years through LEVA and other means as well.  It has been and always will be an honor to call you my friend.  All the best, always!

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