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Some of my posts on technology topics & news, digital & multimedia evidence, and our professional community.

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DME Resources may occassionally be unavailable over the next two weeks, as I implement significant upgrades to support our new(!) annual scholarship.

We will be making DFIR & Forensic Multimedia Evidence Training more accessible & attainable for BOTH the public & private sectors. We will also...

  • seek to eliminate vendor bias in Forensic Video Analysis training.
  • agressively pursue accreditation for any/all certification programs related to DME.
  • set out to pay for one (1) 4-year BS or 2-year MS full ride per year to leading institutions in the field, such as Marshall University.
  • seek to grow the scholarship in such a manner that is beneficial to ALL, not just the few.
  • pursue corporate & government sponsorship agressively, however, we will never "sell out".
  • release a detailed financial report annually, even if NOT required by law for our anticipated non-profit status.

And more, of course, but hey, I prefer you don't believe me. That's how I've accomplished several impossible things in the past; I love the look on people's faces when they see I don't blow that kind of smoke.

You'll see. Thank you to everyone for their patience, participation & support. Let's make it a great year my friends!

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Cheers Pro Upgrader's!

Special thanks to all of our Pro Upgrade subscribers, for helping me help so many!

Keep being great & doing great things, my friends. 😎

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