It took some time, two years to be more precise, but it's finally here. Today I'm officially announcing the DME Resources Agency-Wide Subscriptioncool

The "Agency-Wide Subscription" is a shared subscription that provides ten (10) licenses, nine (9) of which are dynamic, allowing you to share your elevated Pro Upgrade licenses with either new or current verified lifetime members via email.  


Subscription Tab of Member Profile

Plan Administrators

This shared subscription option makes you the Plan Administrator for your agency.  Plan Administrators can manage their plan members and add/remove members from their plan as necessary during their subscription period.  It's really easy to do too.  Once you've purchased the Agency-Wide Subscription simply visit the Subscription tab of your member profile (as shown in the screenshot).

Click the Share Subscription button to invite colleagues to share your subscription via email, and see the status of all pending invitations & members.  For more detail please see the KB article "How does the Agency-Wide Shared Subscription work?".


Share Your Agency-Wide Subscription On-Demand!

Have an urgent call from a colleague who is looking for DCCTV info? Share your subscription, and once they're no longer in need of it, delete their subscription so you can reallocate to someone else in your agency when they need it.

Setup Your Agency-Wide Subscription Today!

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About our Community

IMPORTANT NOTE: Pro Upgrade & Agency-Wide Annual Subscriptions are granted for one (1) calendar year from the date of subscription payment OR expiration date of previous upgrade subscription, whichever comes later, regardless of a subscriber's duration of actual use or lack thereof.   All Annual Subscription Fees are Non-Refundable.

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