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Some of my posts on technology topics & news, digital & multimedia evidence, and our professional community. While I'e been posting since the late '90's, posts here only go back to 2005 (i.e. not all-inclusive, especially from earlier years). Subscribe via the DME Resources Blog RSS Feed.

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Although I've actually been doing this for a couple decades now, helping people from around the world with their video evidence playback & processing challenges on my own time/dime, I've made it a bit more of a formal offering.  No guarantees on timeliness or resolution, but I have always been here to help.  I especially want to help those who help & support me with helping others, like our Pro Upgrade annual subscribers.

Video Playback & Processing Help Desk Category

While our secure member forums are great for building & sharing collective knowledge, many don't feel comfortable sharing their challenges via a forum.  If you're an annual Pro Upgrade subscriber, you can now reach out to me directly via our Help Desk ticketing system for assistance on video playback & processing matters. 

Just choose the new category from the drop-down menu when submitting a new ticket and I'll personally respond as soon as time permits. Thank you Pro Upgrade members, for helping me help so many!  Make it a great day, my friends.

New "Video Playback & Processing" Help Desk Category for Pro Upgrade annual subscribers.


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