All Heart - Sending Love

I realized the acronym after I typed the title. Catchy, although suddenly I need to use the restroom.

Seriously though, buckle down. We will get through this. No need to be a fanatic prick, though.

Help others, when you can. Maybe that's just a smile, wink or pat on the a**. Who knows, but I can tell you the latter may be problematic, so stick with the first two...unless you receive a specific request.

Spread love. It's still okay to do that. In fact, I think it's required.

You're going to see some amazing changes for the better, I'm pretty sure of it.

It may not be easy, it may not always be fun, you will likely have days where you're wondering why you still even bother.

Don't make me smack you on the a**.

I will, but I prefer not to unless specifically requested. 😎

Make it a great day my friends! Sending ❤

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