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So sleepy. My head won't stop. It's literally throbbing. Migraine. Perfect.

Sorry, I do that, ramble on about me & how I'm feeling a lot. I'm working on it, give me time. Anyway, you ready? Drum roll please...

Work both East coast & West coast hours, you silly goose. Bam! More hours in a day.

See, I am a mathematical genius, I think, based on some past experiences. Or maybe it's just my OCD. I can't say for sure, because nobody every told me why they came to me. Nobody explained any of the crazy sh** going on, and why me?

To this day, I have no answers. I know I'm good at math. I know I'm good at problem solving. I know technology things.

I also know I'm a much better team player these days, after 35 years of being a self-centered prick.

I have a winning team, finally, and we're all living under the same roof. Well, except mom, and Mark. My sisters. My nieces and nephews. Rob & Melissa. Andy. Sh**, this is going to go on all night.

I've got to work bi-coastal hours tomorrow, take care of some things last minute for others, figure out how to help another government get me on the other side of the country, still have taxes to do, customer commitments for the company, product testing to do, documentation, technical support, product integrations, etc.

See, all about me again. That didn't take long.

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