Beaten paths are necessary, but so to are the paths we often walk alone. You know, those that are inundated with brush, bushes, thickets and unknown scary things.

If we all stayed on the same path, always, it would take forever for us to get anywhere we haven't been before.

Personally, I'm a fan of expediency of course, but not at the cost of progress & growth...or maybe more importantly, the end result. Do you watch MMA? Familiar with Royce Gracie? How about the Diaz brothers?

Winning quickly & impressively is great, but consistency is Jennifer Aniston's ass in the '90's. And today. Jennifer Aniston's ass today. I digress.

In his prime, you could not out-last Royce. Much like the Diaz brothers for the last 20 years. You may damn near kill them, but if you don't you will eventually tire.

Next thing you know you're waking up in the cage, the crowd is confused yet more interested than they've ever been, and some dude is standing over you screaming f-bombs & flipping you off.

I love that game. Make it a great day my friends! ❤

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